Tract For Tract


What is Tract for Tract?

For every tract you purchase from SimplyBelief, we will donate one to missions. Through generous donations and by keeping our operating costs extremely low we are able to donate one tract for every tract you buy. One for one. There are children all over the world who have not heard the gospel. We send our tracts to missions we are confident will use them to reach hundreds of children and their families. Help us share the message of God’s grace today!

Met Goals

10,000 Swahili tracts have been distributed to dozens of pastors in Kenya to use in their ministry.
Tracts have also been given to missionaries traveling to Mexico, Togo, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Costa Rica, Cuba and Haiti.

Current Goal

Our current goal is to send another shipment of tracts to Kenya in June. Help us reach this goal by purchasing tracts today or donating to the Tract for Tract effort.

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 boy reading swahili tract