Scripture Based Narrative Version

Scripture Based Narrative Version or SBNV is a version of Jesus’ story that reads like a novel. This is a Simply Belief Podcast episode with a dramatic reading and sound track from SBNV. For more SBNV content stay tuned. For more about SBNV see the About section below.


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About SBNV

Bringing back the gravity and power to the story of Jesus is our aim with the Scripture Based Narrative.

 The Scripture Based Narrative Version is a storytelling approach to the the gospel. It is not a word for word version. It’s not a translation. It’s like a paraphrase, but it even has aspects that paraphrases don’t. It is called The Scripture Based Narrative because, it adds pertinent information right to the narrative. Study bibles tend to add this kind of information to footnotes. Often those footnotes never get read. We aim to add important information back to the narrative so that it’s a fun an enjoyable read, while also offering the full impact that the story originally had. The purpose is to make reading the gospels less like a scholarly endeavor and more like enjoying a novel. This is done without losing the thrust and power of the story.

That means that in the Scripture text when we come across a word that is packed with meaning, In the SBNV we extend the narrative to include what those meanings are. In the same way when we come upon an action that needs some explanation, this version will add to the story, the meaning of those actions. The original readers of the gospel stories would not have needed an extended version because they lived in the 1st century world where the story was written. However, Over the years the average person has lost awareness of many of the details about the 1st century world that give the story more impact.

Secondly SBNV aims to slow the narrative down. The first century writers had to consider efficiency in their writing. Paper and ink was an expensive technology. The first writers had to consider the expense and convenience when penning their stories. For that purpose every centimeter of paper was used. The scripture was generally written edge to edge without punctuation. As a result the scriptures tell the story at an extremely high pace compared to modern storytelling. The efficiency of the gospels is fantastic and has served it’s purpose for thousands of years. However, because of the nature of the high speed narrative, the reader can easily miss details about the story that are important.

The SBNV aims to slow the reader down so that he or she will receive the sometimes nuanced meanings that are hidden away in the fast paced gospel. This means that sometimes, a single sentence in a standard translation may equal multiple sentences or even paragraphs in the Scripture Based Narrative Version. This is done so that the reader has time to think about and process what he or she is reading.

It should be noted that The Scripture Based Narrative Version is not a replacement for reading a translation of the bible like NIV, ASV, ESV, KJV, or any of the other literal or word for word translations.

The entire purpose of this version is to make the gospel story accessible to readers who are not familiar with the format. It’s designed to remove the intimidating nature of reading scripture for the first time.