Eternal Rewards

How to gain eternal rewards.

Popular Objections: Translated Too Many Times


Continuing our series entitled Popular Objects, we take a look at the objection of translation. See what effect being translated multiple times has on the biblical message.  [Read more…]

Popular Objections: It’s not scientifically proven

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Will You Be My Neighbor?

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What’s In Your Soil

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The Kingdom Is Like

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15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus

How could an intelligent person possibly believe in Jesus? We’ve got 15 reasons. Click on the image below and explore. We hope you enjoy!


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10 Reasons Not To Invite Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.

Where did the phrase, “invite Jesus into your heart to be saved,” come from? Is it biblical? What exactly does it take to be saved? All the questions and more are covered in this new info graphic. Click the infographic below and zoom in to get the scoop. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Can You Believe It?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have eternal life. To find out take a closer look by clicking on the infographic. Once it opens you can zoom in. Enjoy. [Read more…]