What if I don’t want to reign with Christ?


After a talk I gave in Louisiana, I received this email from someone who attended.

I really enjoyed your message about the parable of the minas! But I didn’t get to ask the question that was on my mind – what if one doesn’t want the responsibility of “ruling over cities”? (Responsibilities make me feel anxious!) Are there other rewards?

Before I jump into my answer, let me give you some background. The parable of the minas ends with faithful servants being given the opportunity to rule cities. Likewise, the unfaithful servant is not allowed the right to rule any cities. This is a reference to the way in which faithful believers will be given the opportunity to rule with Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Now, here’s how I responded to her question: That’s a great question, in fact, you’re not the first to ask it. I’ve had a few people ask that. Let’s tackle the first part of the question, which is:

What if one doesn’t want the responsibility of “ruling over cities”?

I think of it like this. When we elect a president, he has about 4000 positions in his administration. Many of them are appointed by him and his team. Each person is appointed to a different task that fits their abilities. He has everything from interns who run errands to a cabinet of close advisors. Although every one whom the president appoints is doing a different job, it could be said that they all govern, some more directly than others.

I imagine Christ’s administration in a similar way. I believe that Jesus will appoint people to positions that fit their particular skills and abilities. In the same way that an administration governs as a team with different people performing different tasks, I think Jesus’ appointees will fulfill different tasks which all fall under the definition “reign.”

In a new book I’m working on I’ve put together a list of different jobs/positions that are mentioned in the Bible which will apparently be available in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Here’s a piece of the chapter on this subject.

His government will continually be growing (Isaiah 9:6-9) and will be manned by those he entrusts with positions of power and leadership. (2 Timothy 2:12) What will those positions be like? Under High-King Jesus there will be subordinate kings of nations and under those kings Judges and counselors. (Isaiah 1:26) The Bible also mentions officers and magistrates, (Isaiah 60:17) regional rulers with various sizes of governorships, (Luke 19:17) shepherds, which seem to be a type of wisdom teacher, (Jeremiah 3:15) and priests. (Revelation 5:10) To be sure, there will be many more positions appointed by the King of King, but these are the ones mentioned in scripture. These positions of leadership will be focused on leading, guiding, and governing the mortal inhabitants of the kingdom.

Are there any other rewards?

Great question. The answer is “yes.” That’s actually a big part of the book I’m working on as well. In my research, I’ve found that there are basically 7 categories that eternal rewards fall into. Believers who are faithful in this life will be rewarded with these 7 things. 

Riches, Recognition, Rights, Regalia, Royalty, and Relationship. 
The ultimate reward will be a close fellowship with God in Heaven, which I’ve titled “Relationship.” 

Think about what God said to Abram in Genesis 15:

“I am your exceedingly great reward.”

So the exceedingly great reward is God, and being close to him. Believers who are faithful in this life will be closer to Christ and God in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I am still in the writing phase of this book and don’t want to divulge too much before I’ve put all the thoughts together. Though, it’s clear to me that the rewards for faithful believers will be EXTREMELY SATISFYING. It’s a motivation to work hard at Christian Living. Our salvation is secure through faith in Christ, but our reward must be worked for. 

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