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What will the Kingdom of Heaven be like? Many seem to think that we will sit on a cloud, like lazy dogs on a summer day, and twiddle our thumbs for all eternity. This Book (sci-fi/fantasy adventure) is designed to combat that dangerous idea. It is set in the future world of Newearth, where the trillion year mission of the human race continues. If you’re familiar with Christian scripture, you probably can recall at least a few statements about the Kingdom of God that Jesus made. In none of them did he ever say that there will be nothing to do. Instead he’s clear that we will be busy working toward the goals of God’s Golden Empire. Jesus promised to return and set up the Kingdom of God. Are you brave enough to take this adventure with me? Look into a possible future world, that you could be part of. If you loved Narnia, The Hobbit, Maze Runner, Black, or Enders Game then you’ll have a blast reading this book! As an added bonus, I’ve decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale of this book to foreign missions.

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Infinite Tomorrow is a book project supported by simplybelief.com and it’s parent organization 289design. Simply Belief is committed to sharing the good news about Jesus, and growing excitement about the coming Kingdom of God. If you’d like to share this book with others, a great way to do that is click one (or all) of the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. We would love your help in getting the word out. While you’re at it, visit the Amazon page and order your copy of Infinite Tomorrow… Did we mention that it will help support foreign missions? Oh we did? I guess we’re just excited about it.
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Lucas is a staff writer with simply belief, and sci-fi/fantasy novelist. He has a B.S. in Bible, Psychology, and History/Political Science. He lives and writes from his home office in East Texas with his wife, daughter, and cat.