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native americansOur story begins in California in the 1840s. The gold rush was heating up, and there were many Native Americans who had natural rights to the land where gold was buried. They had been on the land for hundreds of years and so it should have belonged to them. That was, however, an inconvenient detail for the Americans who wanted that gold. Money makes men do strange things.

California passed laws that allowed “Indian hunters” to be reimbursed for their expenses while hunting and Killing Native Americans. Eventually the laws were passed on to the Federal Congress. Congress authorized additional funds.  [this is a case of state funded] genocide, and mass murder that was legalized and publicly subsidized. The genocide of Native Americans was not confined to California but had spread all over the continent.

Through the near perfect vision of hindsight we look back and see that this is clearly wrong. At the time there were a million reasons that it was made to seem ok. The arguments, like they often do, got burried in politics and legality.

It was legal to kill and dismember not only Native American Men, but women and children as well. Indian hunters would take knives and rip the hair and flesh from the tops of the heads of native family members, to prove they had killed them. For the more ambitious, they might take some other body part, since scalping just wasn’t quite cruel enough for these murderers.

What’s worse is that there was a thriving economy that preyed on hunting and selling Native scalps, body parts, and bodies. The heinous crimes perpetrated against Native American’s included, Genocide, Rape, Slavery, Flesh for Cash, Robbery, Torture, and the list goes on.

The insanity of that generation in the way they treated these Native Americans is unthinkable. We easily look back and say to ourselves,

“well of course that was wrong.”

It is unimaginable that the people of the mid 1800s couldn’t have perceived these terrible atrocities as evil. As we look through the clear lens of time we see that what was done was abominable and disgusting.

Either the general populace didn’t realize it was evil, or refused to make it stop.

The sad truth is that the generation of the mid 1800s is no different than any other that we’ve witnessed so far. There are other examples of these types of extreme lapses in moral judgment in every generation. Most generations have multiple.

The Holocaust in Germany, the work/death camps of Pol Pot, Stalins execution of millions of minorities in the Russian Empire, Each of these is credited to a single person, the dictator that was in charge of the nation in question. However, did Hitler personally kill his millions, or Pol Pot his? No, it took millions more who were willing to follow orders to perpertrate these extremely heinous crimes. How did those millions get to the point that they would do such awful things?

Take a look at these. They were a part of a public campaign to dehumanize the Jews leading up to the holocaust in Europe.

hst2 Spiegelman-Rotten OB-EB583_Nazi11_HV_20090715162607 Nazicartoonjew posters whip Jews are typhus holocaust poster EwigerJudeFilm e68a92_c1a5f2d2014683c334ab96d092e48a01 ap-holocaust-exhibit-3_4

Notice how they are dehumanized. Many of them comparing the Jews with rats or other dangerous monsters. These are just a few examples of the dehumanization campaign that was active in Europe at the time. By the end of it, this is what the jews and other victims of that campaign actually looked like.


jewsThere were millions who tried to throw off the shackles of responsibility using the argument that, “it was legal.” or “I was just following orders.” Which amounts to the same thing.
As Hitler’s crematoriums were being stoked to full heat, or as Pol Pot’s forced laborers were digging massive unmarked graves, or Stalin’s Shooting squads were laying out another row of innocent victims… You’d think that the masses would resist. You’d think that the majority of people would say,

“No I won’t kill another human being, and I will not allow my government to make it legal either.”

Somehow, someway, the people that were buried in the complexity of the day to day actions of killing, gassing, burning, and burying couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.

If their own children and descendents can see how wrong it was, why couldn’t they?

Either they could not see it was evil, or they refused to do anything about it. 

It’s happened so many times through history, that it would be ridiculous to claim that the worst is behind us. The cycle repeats over and over.

So From all this Four things seem abundantly clear.

  1. In every generation, there WILL BE some, if not many heinous acts of tremendous cruelty. 
  1. This heinous act will be legal, and described as profitable (either financially or socially). 
  1. The generation in question will either not recognize the heinous act for what it is, or refuse to stop it until a massive amount of human suffering is inflicted, and the balance of profitability is unsettled. 
  1. It will be obvious to later generations that this heinous act was criminal and evil.

This means that, no matter what country you live in there are probably atrocity of extreme cruelty and murder happening. It means that these atrocities are legal and described with favorable terms. It means that the majority of people don’t think it’s wrong. It’s going to be obvious to your kids and grandkids that you should have done something about it. They will look at you in confusion when they realize that your generation allowed an atrocity to happen.

It’s hard for me to understand how my grandfather’s generation allowed the hateful discrimination of the segregation era. Each time I hear a senior adult hatefully use the N word, I look at them with confusion and sadness. I’m not mad at them, but more sad that they bought into the lie of their generation. They may say they have their reasons, but that’s what every generation says after they do something terrible. I don’t want my grandkids and great grandkids to look at me with confusion, trying to understand how I could allow atrocities to live in the open light of my day.

You’re probably scratching your head trying to think of something that falls into the category of atrocity that is legal and not seen as wrong. What atrocities are going on in your country right now? Sure you can think of other countries problems, but it’s hard to see the log in our own eye.

You have some thinking to do. I hesitate to even answer this question for you, but I have, in mind, an atrocity that I have been too quiet about. I’m concerned that it’s become buried in complex legal jargon. It’s become a divisive issue that no one is comfortable talking about. When it’s brought up, people would rather hide under the table than face the facts.

I’m concerned about what History will say about us. Friends hear me when I say, this is not a political issue. Every atrocity throughout history has circled the courts and been layered with so much legal gravity that no one wants to touch it. All it does is hide the fact that it’s wrong. We can convince ourselves that a thing is ok, but that doesn’t change the inalienable innate morality of the situation.

I believe we are living through an atrocity as evil and disgusting as any listed above. When I say what I’m about to say, please don’t throw this into the “political” category and move on. If you do, you are doing exactly what every blind generation before you has done.

Since 1973, there have been over half a billion abortions in the united states. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, organized legal killing campaign in human history. Many of your peers view it as ok. It’s described as financially and socially beneficial. It meets all of our criteria.

Now, I know the arguments about when life begins. The debates have raged for years. I want to sidestep all that because I’m not qualified to answer those questions. There is something that is actually more harmful than the act itself and that’s what I want to focus on.

Do you realize that there is a tool that is used by almost all, if not all who have enacted genocide, mass murder, and slavery. that tool is called dehumanization.

It usually starts with subtle suggestions that the target is quantifiably less in some way or another. As the propaganda grows, the subtlety dissolves and is replaced by so called scientific proof that the target is of a lower rung of the human hierarchy. They are less qualified to occupy property, to pursue happiness, or even live.

In extreme cases it goes all the way to implying that the target is not human at all.

I may not be able to answer debater’s implications about when life begins, but I recognize dehumanization propaganda when I see. When a group of people deliberately begin to describe another group of people as being less human, we have a problem.

This is exactly what the abortion debate has brought out. The dehumanization of pre-born infants has disguised itself in the clothing of  “choice.” It has been discussed in debates about whether life begins at concept, birth, or somewhere inbetween. It has even shown itself in the terminology, like fetus, tissue, and extraction, rather than baby, child, and murder.

Its not easy to start a genocide, but the ones who have been successful were the ones that convinced the population that a certain race was quantifiably less worthy of their life, their property, and their pursuit of happiness.

Historians will tell you that at no time in history has dehumanization lead to great peace, equality, and higher quality of life. In all cases it leads to suffering and death. There is one reason to use dehumanization. That reason is to absolve one’s self of crimes against another human.

babyThe atrocity is Abortion and we seem to be blind to it. The generations that follow us will talk about us in their history writings. They will say, “how could they have allowed that to happen?” They will discuss it and ultimately see us for what we are; cowards who are too in love with profit and convenience to face the fact that we have snuffed out over 500 million potential lives.

I’m not insulting the individuals who have chosen abortion. You were told it was ok, and you believed it. That doesn’t ruin you as person. This message is not one of hate. Abortion doesn’t make me mad, it makes me ashamed.

What I am doing is, condemning the system that allows it.

I’m pointing out that the dehumanization that is seen in pro-abortion campaigns is very similar to other dehumanization propaganda that has lead to genocide, and mass murder.

There are unintended consequences when dehumanization is used.

I want you to stop thinking of abortion as a political issue.

I want you to start listening for the cues of a deliberate act to dehumanize.

When you hear that, its time to blow the whistle. It’s time to rise up and make a stand.



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