What Does It Mean To Believe? (Video)

I once heard a sermon in which the guest speaker shared a familiar illustration. You’ve probably heard it before. It’s the one that goes something like this: “I can believe a chair will hold me, but until I sit in the chair I haven’t really believed.” I went up the stage after the sermon was over and asked, “what the heck does that mean.” I had heard the illustration before, but it always bothered me. He said to me, “thanks for keeping me on my toes.” He then walked off. Apparently he didn’t even know. The thing that bothered me was that his illustration implied that “believe” doesn’t really mean “believe.” He was trying to teach us that “believe” means “demonstrate faith.” Many people have questions about the meaning of faith. The bible is clear that we should believe in God, and his son Jesus. However, what does it mean to believe in Jesus? This video will take a look at a few places in the gospels that lead us to a better understanding.

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