A rough end-times time-line

1. There will be distressing days and war, which start by some religious infraction in Jerusalem.

2. The sun and moon will be darkened

3. Stars will fall from the sky / heavenly bodies be shaken

4. The sign of Christ will appear in the heavens

5. The people of earth will morn when they see Him coming in brightness.

6. A loud blast, and angels will abduct all believers throughout the Earth.

7-A. The world will be plunged into a 7 year time of extreme distress unlike anything that has even happened. The beast, and the image of the beast will be allowed to lead the world astray. 144,000 Jews will become believers and fan out across the globe to preach the good news of Christ. In this time the Beast will force all to have a mark on their wrist or forehead in order to engage in commerce. Those who do not worship him will be killed.

7-B. Meanwhile, those believers who were abducted are reunited with Christ. They will enjoy the “wedding feast of the lamb.” A huge celebration thrown for Christ’s faithful followers, and Christ himself.

8. After 7 years, Jesus will officially return by touching down on the mount of olives.

9. All the armies of the earth will be gathered to make war against him.

10. When he wins a decisive victory, he will ascend the temple mount (the same path that he took in the triumphal entry) and take the throne of David.

11. His Kingdom will begun. After a short period of time, he will begin a judgment of believers. This is known as the “Judgement seat of Christ,” in which he will reward or reprimand all believers for their works. All believers who appear before him at this point are saved, because they have believed in him for eternal life. However, not all will be rewarded equally.

12. This Kingdom will last for 1000 years. It will be a time of great bliss and faithfulness. Jesus will be the physical ruler of the world. There will still be some who do not believe, but the world will be filled with his followers. Those who proved themselves faithful in their previous mortal life will have reward, and places of honor in the Kingdom. They will rule and reign with Christ.

13. After 1000 years Satan will be released from his prison to try and wreck the whole thing.

References: Matthew 24. 1 Cor 3. 2 Thess 2. Rev 13. Rev 19. 2 Tim 2.

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